Revamp Your Wardrobe: Thrifting Edition

The thrifting trend is one that I have seen explode across various social media platforms such as Youtube and Instagram throughout the past year. And honestly, I have found some really amazing items at the thrift store. One of my favorite things about thrifting is you can make the pieces your own and it's really … Continue reading Revamp Your Wardrobe: Thrifting Edition


May Favorites 2018 ★

Hi everyone, I can hardly believe that May has already come and gone. I decided I would round up some of my favorite fashion trends and items that I have been wearing nonstop all month (and know I will continue to throughout the summer 😊) In terms of summer style, I strive to be cool … Continue reading May Favorites 2018 ★

My Style: Teddy Bear Coat

Teddy bear coats have been a huge hit this winter season. I definitely wanted to hop on the bandwagon and get one for myself, and I have to say: I'm obsessed! Since purchasing one for myself, I have found that there are so many ways to style them. They're super versatile and a great neutral … Continue reading My Style: Teddy Bear Coat

The Year of DOING

I find it so hard to believe that 2017 has already come and gone. However cliche this sounds, it couldn't be more true for me. With the beginning of every new year comes excitement, determination, and the feeling that you can accomplish anything. You know that random burst of energy you get around 11pm when … Continue reading The Year of DOING

My Style: Coffee Shop OOTD

Dressing up in a cute outfit just to go to a coffee shop is totally a thing, right? (I hope, because it's definitely something I'm guilty of!) Call me crazy but I just love the entire process of going to a coffee shop. Getting ready, picking an outfit, finding the perfect coffee shop, and ordering … Continue reading My Style: Coffee Shop OOTD

Why I’ve been eating healthier + my favorite salad recipe

Today I wanted to switch it up and talk about food. And in specific healthy, good for you food. Something has officially come over me this summer where I have been craving wholesome and healthy meals. I honestly believe it might be due to the fact that I can finally cook again (dorm life is … Continue reading Why I’ve been eating healthier + my favorite salad recipe

How To: Styling Tassel Earrings

Hello lovelies, Today's post in dedicated to styling tassel earrings. I have been seeing the tassel earring trend constantly on Instagram and Pinterest and I thought it was about time I jumped on the train too. The pair I featured in this post are from Beading With Faith, an Instagram jewelry business. The girl who … Continue reading How To: Styling Tassel Earrings