How to Achieve Your Ideal Closet

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Ever since I returned home after my first year at college, I have been motivated to “spring clean” and have a productive summer. Whether this be through my daily habits, routine, spending habits and fashion, I’m looking forward to making the most out of my summer. One of the worst feelings (for me personally) is feeling like I didn’t make the most out of my day or achieve anything I may have wanted to. I believe that having a routine every day is so important and in the past was something I overlooked during the summer months. Something I want to do every week throughout the summer is create a list with things/goals I want to achieve to help keep me on track for a productive summer. So today, I decided to tackle cleaning out my closet.
I recently read an article by Joanna Gaines in her magazine Magnolia (love her) and she explained a concept called the Capsule Wardrobe and I was instantly intrigued. She explained that she keeps her closet to a minimum, only keeping items that fit her well/comfortably, that she loves, and that go with her lifestyle. This way when you look in your closet you’ll only find pieces that you genuinely want to wear and you’ll be excited to pick out your outfit. I loved the concept of this idea, so I wanted to try it for myself. Today I went through and tried everything on in my closet. If it no longer fit, was no longer my style, or I didn’t like it anymore, I put it in the give-away pile. However, if it was the opposite I kept it. I also looked for versatility while going through my clothes. If I could think of multiple outfits I could incorporate the piece in, I knew there would be a greater chance of me wearing it, therefore I kept it. If you are feeling kinda “blah” about your closet, I encourage you to do the same. I have found that having too many clothes actually makes it more difficult to create outfits because you have to dig deeper into your closet to find something you truly want to wear. It’s also so refreshing to look into an organized and clean closet, it’ll make you want to pick out something fun to wear. You can also use these tips while out shopping. Sometimes (and I’m definitely guilty of this), I’ll buy a piece just because I think it’s cute, not necessarily because it’s practical. This leaves me with many unworn items in my closet because I have to find just the right outfit or occasion to wear it. So when you try something on in the store, ask yourself if it fits well, you like it, and it goes with your lifestyle. It will help you keep a closet full of items you truly love.
So to round it up…
  1. If it no longer fits, doesn’t match your style, or doesn’t fit your lifestyle, get rid of it.
  2. However, if it fits, matches your style and goes with your lifestyle, keep it.
  3. Ask yourself these same questions while shopping.
  4. Invest in basic neutral items, (a nice pair of jeans, plain colored tops, etc) that way you can mix and match new outfits easily.
  5. Experiment with trends! This is one of the most fun parts about fashion, so don’t be afraid to wear something unique.
I’m really excited to continue to grow my style throughout the summer and see where it takes me. : )
Disclaimer: These are just my tips if you are trying to achieve a less cluttered closet and my personal experience with it. Not by any means telling you you need to follow these steps. : )

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