My Style: Coffee Shop OOTD

Dressing up in a cute outfit just to go to a coffee shop is totally a thing, right? (I hope, because it’s definitely something I’m guilty of!) Call me crazy but I just love the entire process of going to a coffee shop. Getting ready, picking an outfit, finding the perfect coffee shop, and ordering a delicious iced latte? Yes please! Coffee shops are such peaceful and happy environments that I can’t help being in a good mood while I’m there. It’s also a great way to catch up with friends or spend quality time with someone. I love exploring new coffee shops around town and even in neighboring cities around where I live. The best thing is, you can make a whole day out of it!

For today’s post I wanted to share an outfit of the day coffee shop inspired. Of course, you could totally wear this outfit or something similar for just about any occasion, but I thought I’d get a bit more specific. : )

My Style: coffee shop ootdMy Style: coffee shop ootd_img2

When it come to clothes I love being trendy and comfy all at once. While I’m out shopping I always make sure that I’m comfortable in anything I try on, that way I know I’ll be more likely to wear it. I found these adorable faux suede shorts at Forever 21 and they are life changing. You can easily dress them up or down and most importantly they are so comfy. I honestly feel like I’m wearing pajama bottoms when I wear them. I wanted to keep this look simple so I paired the shorts with this (similar) scoop ribbed tee I also found at Forever 21. I really like the contrast between the faux suede and the ribbed tee because it adds more visual interest to the entire outfit.

My Style: coffee shop ootd_img3My Style: coffee shop ootd_img4My Style: coffee shop ootd_img5

For shoes I wore some tan slip on’s I found at TJ Maxx. I found them online here as well. These are actually the first pair of slip on shoes I’ve ever had and I love them. I’ve always steered away from them because I was worried they would make my feet look really long but after wearing these ones I no longer think that’s the case. I think they are a great staple item to have because you can pair them with just about anything.

For accessories I’ve been loving the gold dainty necklace trend. I think they instantly dress up an outfit. My favorite necklace at the moment is this crescent pendant necklace. I couldn’t find the exact one online that I bought in stores, but here is a very similar one. (And it’s under $5, what a steal!) If you’ve been wanting to try out this trend I highly recommend checking out Forever 21’s jewelry section. They have so many options for an inexpensive price so it doesn’t feel like your breaking the bank. Along with the crescent necklace, I wore this gold choker. I think the two pair together so nicely.

My Style: coffee shop ootd_img6

I also brought my jean jacket with me to finish off the look. In the summertime, it’s usually not practical to wear one (especially in 80 degree weather) but I love draping them over my shoulders. It’s such a huge trend at the moment and looks amazing in pictures. I found this jean jacket a couple years ago at Macy’s, but you can find them just about anywhere nowadays.

My Style: coffee shop ootd_img7My Style: coffee shop ootd_img8

I hoped this post helped give you some outfit inspiration whether it’s for a coffee shop date or just a day out. Thank you so much for reading!




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