My Style: Teddy Bear Coat

Teddy bear coats have been a huge hit this winter season. I definitely wanted to hop on the bandwagon and get one for myself, and I have to say: I'm obsessed! Since purchasing one for myself, I have found that there are so many ways to style them. They're super versatile and a great neutral … Continue reading My Style: Teddy Bear Coat


My Style: Coffee Shop OOTD

Dressing up in a cute outfit just to go to a coffee shop is totally a thing, right? (I hope, because it's definitely something I'm guilty of!) Call me crazy but I just love the entire process of going to a coffee shop. Getting ready, picking an outfit, finding the perfect coffee shop, and ordering … Continue reading My Style: Coffee Shop OOTD

How To: Styling Tassel Earrings

Hello lovelies, Today's post in dedicated to styling tassel earrings. I have been seeing the tassel earring trend constantly on Instagram and Pinterest and I thought it was about time I jumped on the train too. The pair I featured in this post are from Beading With Faith, an Instagram jewelry business. The girl who … Continue reading How To: Styling Tassel Earrings

My Style: Tie-Waist Trouser OOTD

Today was such a gorgeous day out, with temperatures in the low 70' favorite! I always like to take advantage of these cooler summer days by wearing something that isn't solely to beat the heat. I dug around in my closet this morning and found these tie-waist trousers I purchased at Forever 21 last fall. … Continue reading My Style: Tie-Waist Trouser OOTD

How To: Easy Way To Style a Bandana

I don't know about you, but I've been absolutely loving the bandana trend that has picked up this spring and summer! I think it is the perfect way to accessorize and add a pop of color to any outfit (for cheap too!) I've recently been gravitating to wearing bandana's and I love how there are … Continue reading How To: Easy Way To Style a Bandana

Outfit on a Budget: Under $50

I'm a strong believer that you can create an amazing outfit for cheap. I genuinely enjoy shopping for deals and get so much satisfaction when I save money on clothes that originally would've cost me a lot more. It's almost like a little game if you think about it. The majority of my closet is … Continue reading Outfit on a Budget: Under $50