About Me


Hi there!

My name is Rebecca and I’m a 19 year old Apparel Merchandising and Product Development student. There’s not much I love more than shopping and putting together trendy outfits. I wanted to create a space where I could showcase what I love. You could say I’m a little Instagram obsessed, which is another one of the many reasons I wanted to start a blog. This is such a fun and personal outlet for me and something I truly enjoy in my free time.

I was given the nickname “Becks” in high school and I secretly loved it. And the name kinda stuck. So if you see me reference that, you know why.

I came up with the title “Sprinkled With Class” after long hours of brainstorming. First of all, it’s extremely difficult to come up with a name that hasn’t already been used. I wanted to name my blog something pertaining to my style. I would classify my style as chic with a hint of classy, and that’s when I knew. Sprinkled With Class would be my title.

I believe there are many reasons why I wanted to start a blog. I’ve followed many Instagram bloggers for years now and was constantly inspired by their blogs and posts. I think of blogging as a way for me to relax and share some of my favorite things, whether that be outfits of the days or tips and advice. But most importantly, as a growing experience. I’m so excited to continue to grow not only through my style but also grow as a person.

I’m also very thankful to have an amazing boyfriend who snaps all my pictures for me. ❤

Please feel free to subscribe and stick around.